Co-creation – Consumer Engagement Which Can Drive Healthcare Patient Engagement & Advocacy

20th February 2022 | 10:00– 12:30 hrs. GST


Christina Ioannidis, CEO | Aquitude Group – The Engagement Agency

The current CoVid19 pandemic has strained physicians, caregivers and patients. However, this is also a critical time to establish collaborative partnerships so as to amplify the voices of patients and their families and lay the foundations for a post CoVid19 world. These partnerships will not only enhance clinical outcomes but can also improve operational efficiencies.

In this session, delegates will discover:

  • Patient Engagement and how it improves clinical outcomes
  • Why Families are just as critical as patients in the CoVid PX journey
  • Co-creation Framework: defining the secret sauce to executing effective Patient and Family engagement
  • The KPIs which are mostly affected by developing a collaborative Patient – Family partnership