28th – 29th May 2024



Application Deadline: 20th APRIL 2024


6th Annual International Patient Experience Symposium, is delighted to invite healthcare professionals to participate in the poster competition, which will be conducted onsite – on the days of the congress.



The mission of the Poster Presentation, is to distinguish, celebrate and support the impressive work that is done by caregivers to enhance the quality care, patient experience and safety.

Showcase and share your organization’s experiences/objectives/initiatives illustrating remarkable patient experience improvement with measurable outcomes


Deadline to Submit Abstract

26th April 2024
Deadline Extended: 15th MAY 2024

Post Abstract Submission, application will be processed and registered.

Information on specification of final Poster Boards will be intimated closer to the event.


Registered and confirmed Posters will be displayed onsite on the Symposium days

28th-29th May 2024

The Jury will select TOP 3 Posters, who will be awarded.


Poster Sessions are graphic presentations visually highlighting proven practices, sharing successful ideas, offering problem-solving solutions or explaining an innovative program. It illustrates your key points, findings and outcomes in graphics, photos, and diagrams using a small amount of text.

Poster Session submissions are accepted in the following categories:

  • General – representing general patient experience research or proven practices.
  • Patient Partnerships – highlighting projects that were joint efforts of healthcare professionals and patients/families.

If you have an interesting case-study, an initiative or program implemented at your workplace with measurable outcomes achieved – do submit your abstract for us to review.
Kindly submit abstract keeping the below key points:

  • Precise TITLE of the Abstract
  • Abstract body should not be more than 250 – 300 words.
  • Abstract MUST consist of
    – Introduction
    – Objectives
    – Methodology
    – Research
    – Conclusion
  • Specific keyword, Bibliography, Surveys, Analytics that assist the abstract (if any) should be attached.

Topics That can be Covered Include:

  • Culture & Leadership Resilience
  • Staff Engagement & Wellbeing
  • Patient Advocacy & Empowerment
  • Patient-Centered Care
  • Digital Transformation and Technology in PX
  • Innovations in Home-Based Healthcare
  • Patient Safety & Quality
  • Innovations in Care Setting & Caring
  • Digital Tools as PX Accelerators
  • Telemedicine Advancements
  • Health Tourism and Patient Care
  • Pain Management for PX
  • Patient Data Security


  • What will be learned as a result of attending your session?
    Submissions should include a clear description and learning objectives. Anyone reading your submission should have a solid understanding of the information that will be shared and what learning outcomes will be achieved. Consider why this information is important and how others can use it.
  • Who is your Target Audience?
    Provide a clear understanding of who will benefit most from your session (such as care setting and professional role/position).
  • What is the development level your session is geared toward (beginner, intermediate or advanced learner)?
    We are seeking a variety of content reflecting different care settings (some examples include acute care, ambulatory care, home care, hospice care, long term care, outpatient care, pediatric/children, physician practice/office setting and transitional care) and development levels.
  • What outcomes or impact were realized?
    Sessions should include stories/case studies of how your facility or organization has made marked improvements sharing lessons learned, new strategies and practices identified. Sessions are focused on sharing ideas, practical tools, the process necessary and resources with measurable outcomes illustrating patient experience improvement.
  • What is the practical story this session shares?
    Sessions should engage participants in the ideas you want to share, the learning objectives you offer and the potential takeaways you provide.



  • Event Orgaziners wil be providing the Easel Stand and inform you about the size/specification of the poster prior to the event to all confirmed presenters.
  • Presenters will be responsible for all displaying materials and handouts.
  • Online/digital assistance is not provided in the poster display area
  • PX Congress is not accountable for any print, material collection or delivery of the poster.



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