Interview with Carolyn Palsky

Interview with Carolyn Palsky

Carolyn Palsky

Director of Nursing & Patient Experience

GluCare Integrated Diabetes Center (UAE)
Shares her thoughts in an EXCLUSIVE SPEAKER INTERVIEW

Interview with Carolyn Palsky

1. The healthcare sector witnessed an accelerated pace of digital transformation, how would you think this has affected patient experience?

The use of accreditations for digital programs, such as URAC, will help bring standardisation to the digital industry and encourage best practices to enhance patient experience. Accreditation should be a high priority for acquiring and sharing best practices for patient experience.

2. Do you think future patience experience strategies will engage in a culture wide change which can be measured and analysed.

3. According to you which functions of the healthcare sector will see remarkable change inclining to the improving standards to meet patient expectations and experience? – explain.

  • Hospital Infrastructure
  • Medical and healthcare equipment
  • Feedback and Diagnostic services
  • Telemedicine and medical assistance/accessibility
  • Medical information and data management
  • eHaaS

Combining digital healthcare with traditional healthcare systems allows for the best of both worlds. Continuous remote patient monitoring will become the norm and we need to redefine healthcare system and practices to make that happen.

4. How do you feel patient experience strategies will benefit Caregivers and Support Groups?
Patient experience must be built into the Caregiver experience and support group development. Caregivers cannot provide an excellent patient experience if their personal needs are not met. They also need the foundation of an excellent patient experience program to give them the time, training and resources to provide that experience. They must be developed together

5. How do you think participants will benefit by attending 4th Annual International Patient Experience Symposium?

Healthcare is being transformed all around us. Keeping up with the changes is difficult in the best of circumstances. It is impossible to maintain the status quo and provide excellent care, and fumbling around in the dark or reinventing the wheel isn’t a good practice. Time frames are short and we need to work together with those who have learned the lessons and have the expertise to share so we can grow and become the best we can be.

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