• 18th-19th May 2023

    (2 days Scientific Symposium)

  • 17th May 2023

    Pre-Event Masterclasses

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Where magnitude meets direction.

Vectramind was founded in 2006, runs on big & bold ideas. We create products that solve big problems, and yield profound impact-but we do it with carefully measured magnitude and precisely dialled direction.

Dynamic growth and evolution live at the core of our company’s DNA – defining our origin story and permeating into the lifeblood of every entity and system we touch.
By leveraging the latest advancements in cloud technology and intelligent computing, we enable our partners to stay one step ahead of the curve, adapting the way they connect, communicate, engage, and ultimately compete.

From banking to retail to healthcare, and from Synapse to FirstPass, the Vectramind story and product journey is—and has always been—defined by one force: Evolution.
Vectramind today has offices globally including UAE, India, Singapore, USA & Canada with over 150+ innovators