Dr. Mohammed Smadi

Dr. Mohammed Smadi

Dr. Mohammed Smadi


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Dr. Mohammed Smadi

1. How do you perceive the significance of 2024 as “The Year of Patient Experience,” and what key developments do you foresee in the realm of patient-centered care?

Healthcare is adapting to be much more patient-centered. No different than a patron in a hotel, theme park, mall or restaurant where visitor experience is paramount . In global markets, healthcare is getting better reimbursements for higher patient satisfactions scores. And since patient experience is part of the perceived outcome for care provided, it’s becoming a priority in local markets as well.

2. As we delve into the theme “Transformative Empathy: Where Care Meets Innovation,” how do you envision empathy driving innovation in healthcare practices to enhance the patient experience?

Healthcare providers are challenged to increase time with patients with limited resources. Location, sensory and IoT technologies that can automate workflows, reduce wait times and increase provider time with patients all enable more empathy in care.

3. Could you share insights into how bridging health and social aspects contributes to achieving better patient outcomes, aligning with the symposium’s theme?

Achieving positive outcomes starts with successfully having the patient find where they are going and arrive on time. Indoor and campus navigation solutions have proven to help improve on-time arrivals, and real-time location systems have shown to reduce non-value-add time of staff searching for equipment or other resources to treat patients.

4. In your opinion, how can interdisciplinary collaboration among healthcare professionals, technologists, and patient advocates foster a culture of empathy-driven innovation, ultimately shaping the future of patient care?

This is really where the magic can happen. Healthcare professionals, patient advocates and technologists all can benefit from listening and learning from each other to co-create a better care experience for both providers and patients.

5. How do you think participants will benefit by attending 6th Annual International Patient Experience Symposium?

Participants should learn how technology and innovation are enabling empathy, creativity, leadership, and inclusivity to drive patient experience excellence.