Interview with Dr. Ahmad Al Khayer

Interview with Dr. Ahmad Al Khayer

Dr. Ahmad Al Khayer

General Manager and Medical Director

NMC ProVita (UAE)

Interview with Dr. Ahmad Al Khayer

1. How would you describe the dynamic change in patient experience, owing to the accelerated pace of digital transformation, technology and innovation?

The change is rapid but solid… Currently, there are more options and better solutions in healthcare.. These are pushing the experience to higher levels. The changes will stay and will further improve and will leave a positive impact on patient experience…

2. Do you think future patience experience strategies will engage in a culture wide change which can be measured and analysed.

Yes, I do believe that… Strategies should be sensitive to cultural variations and all changes should be measured and analysed in order to improve.

3. According to you which functions of the healthcare sector will see remarkable change inclining to the improving standards to meet patient expectations and experience? – explain.

  • Hospital Infrastructure
  • Medical and healthcare equipment
  • Feedback and Diagnostic services
  • Telemedicine and medical assistance/accessibility
  • Medical information and data management
  • eHaaS

I feel the most important change should be in the medical information and data management… This area provide a huge resource of information that can be collected, analysed and used to improve and enhance patient experience

4. How do you feel patient experience strategies will benefit Caregivers and Support Groups?

It will improve the work life of these groups… Happy staffs lead to happy and well served patients

5. How do you think participants will benefit by attending 5th Annual International Patient Experience Symposium?

Networking, learning about other’s experiences, exchanging knowledge, and much more