Picture this: a symphony of ideas echoing through the corridors, where healthcare visionaries from across the globe gather to redefine the very essence of patient care.

The journey begins with “Finding Empathy in Value-Based PX,” a quest to infuse genuine compassion into healthcare. Imagine a space where healing transcends the clinical, embracing creativity. “The Art of Healing” unfolds, integrating artistic elements into the fabric of care, creating an environment that nurtures both body and spirit.

This is where leadership takes center stage in “Beyond the Corner Office,” where trailblazers share insights on catalyzing transformative changes in healthcare. Meanwhile, “The Art of Arrival“ paints a vivid picture of redefined hospitality – a space meticulously crafted to envelop patients in warmth and serenity.

“Inclusive Horizon“ becomes the bridge between healthcare and the community, fostering collaboration for holistic patient wellbeing. As the event unfolds, technology and innovation become silent heroes, seamlessly enhancing the patient experience.



Step into a realm of transformative healthcare at the 6th Annual International Patient Experience Symposium, hosted amidst the grandeur of the St. Regis Abu Dhabi.

Annually, we at BII carefully curate a program tailored to address the evolving trends and challenges within the patient experience discipline. Our esteemed faculty delivers transformative insights designed to enhance capabilities, ignite inspiration, and propel the prioritization of innovations. These proven strategies not only positively influence the lives of patients but also extend their impact to families, practitioners, and the broader community.

Join us for this extraordinary narrative in Abu Dhabi, where each theme unfolds as a chapter in the story of reshaping global healthcare – a story where empathy, creativity, leadership, and inclusivity converge to create a symphony of patient-centered excellence.

Big Talking Points Include:

  • Finding Empathy in Value based PX
  • The Art of Healing: Integrating Creativity into Care
  • TechRx: Role and Impact of Technology in PX
  • Beyond the Corner Office: Leadership Impact on Transformative Changes
  • Nursing Excellence
  • Care Delivery Reengineering through Innovation
  • The Art of Arrival: Redefining Hospitality and Crafting the Space
  • Inclusive Horizon: Bridging the Gap between Healthcare and the Community

2022 Symposium Highlights


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