Dr. Ali Hojjati

Dr. Ali Hojjati

Lead Advisor, Healthcare Improvement Consultant

Accreditation Canada

Dr. Ali Hojjati is currently Lead Advisor, Healthcare Improvement Consultant for Accreditation Canada (AC). He has a clinical background as a physician and has delivered surveys, training, consultation, and advisory support to AC clients worldwide. He provides surveyor training programs and trains new surveyors for Accreditation Canada and national accreditation bodies in other countries.

As Accreditation Canada Lead Advisor, he also supports and leads all AC international advisors worldwide.

Following graduation, Ali worked in the Occupational Health and Safety field for five years on a managerial level, alongside his clinical duties as a physician.

He continued his career as an expert manager and started his activities in Quality Improvement in healthcare 22 years ago in different healthcare authorities at the national level.

Ali was a member of the Accreditation Canada International Advisory Committee, responsible for developing new Qmentum International (QI) program standards for three years. He has been an Accreditation Canada International and national surveyor for eight years.

Before joining the Accreditation Canada International team, he was an AC Accreditation Specialist for the province of Saskatchewan, some parts of Alberta and British Columbia.

He has been involved in developing and delivering Accreditation Canada training sessions for ten years.

Ali has been an ISQua surveyor since 2021.