Hasan Kassem

Hasan Kassem

Regional Representative (MENA)

Semantic Hub

Hasan Kassem is a multidisciplinary expert with extensive experience in sociology, artificial intelligence, and international relations, specializing in communication and cross-disciplinary research. He currently serves as the Regional Representative for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) at Semantic Hub, a Swiss-based company that uses its AI and deep semantic technologies to gather and collect millions of patient experiences and analyze them. Hasan works on Semantic Hub’s projects and collaborations within the MENA region, helping global and local healthcare leaders use cutting-edge technologies to understand the journeys of millions of patients and integrate the testimonies of patients into healthcare innovation through advanced AI analysis.

Semantic Hub developed an AI platform that specializes in multilingual Natural Language Processing, gathering patient messages and other user-generated content across online platforms to provide actionable insights into the patient journey, starting from the onset of their conditions, and diagnostics to treatments, access barriers, burden etc. to ensure healthcare leaders understand the patients’ perspectives.

Within Semantic Hub Hasan is working on bringing the company’s technologies to the region, meeting with key government entities, pharmaceutical companies, patient advocacy groups, and other stakeholders cultivating strong partnerships and working with them to use the patient experience to improve patient experiences, access, early diagnosis, attract medical tourists, and improve health outcomes for patients throughout the region.

At the 6th Annual Patient Experience Symposium, Hasan will share how AI-powered patient experience analysis and Real-World Data gathered from online patient testimonies are reshaping the future of healthcare. It’s a glimpse into a future where AI doesn’t just support healthcare—it transforms it at its core, making every patient story heard and every insight actionable.