EIDO Healthcare

EIDO Healthcare

Since 2002, EIDO Healthcare has led the field in the provision of resources for hospitals and clinicians to help educate and inform patients and their families around consent to treatment. With a track record of helping over 850 hospitals, EIDO’s customers improve their patients’ experiences through the provision of a library of surgical and medical procedure patient information.

EIDO Healthcare supplies a large number of hospitals across four continents. These customers include nearly 50% of the acute NHS, more than 80% of acute UK private hospitals, all public hospitals in Western Australia and over 50% of Victoria State hospitals, and a national license for the NHS in Wales. The EIDO library has an annual readership of approximately 8,000,000 patients.

EIDO actively collaborates with leading organisations to make sure its patient information resources are of the highest quality.

EIDO’s products include EIDO Inform, Inform Digital and EIDO Vault. Inform is a library of over 360 treatment-specific informed consent patient information documents. Each document bears a Plain English Campaign Crystal Mark for clarity.

Inform Digital delivers an enhanced version of the consent content online for patients, whilst EIDO Vault facilitates a completely paperless consent process in clinic.